Self Paced CCW Class

In person ccw class


CCW Class Options

Self Paced CCW Class $49.99

The Self Paced CCW Class is the exact same training you would receive in person, but with the convenience of being able to do it at your own pace. 

(In person range time can be scheduled seperately if required in your state) 

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In Person CCW Class $69.99

One day in person CCW training.  This includes the class and range time. 

(No need to sign up for range time separately)

Located at 8400 E. Market St. Warren, OH 44483

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Range Time Only $24.99

2 Hour Range Time to be use in conjunction with the Self Paced CCW Class for your Ohio CCW.

You may schedule a range time block for extra training as well.  

All shooting is done one on one with the instructor.

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Additional Training Options

CCW - Basic $79.99

- Online CCW Class

- Concealed Carry Laws

- 2 Hours of Range Time (to be scheduled upon completion of class)

- Use of Force Mini Class (deep dive into understanding the legal, financial and phycological preparation required to use a firearm in self defense, and the side effects of doing so)

1 Month of OSA Membership Free ($14.99/month)

Semi Private Lessons $29.99

Semi Private Range Time

Limited to 3 students

Guaranteed to improve your comfort level and your skill

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Advance your knowledge for free in a 2 hour seminar. Topics vary.

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