Available Classes

Below is our full schedule, simply click the link to register or get more information on any of our upcoming classes
(links will be added for Free Seminars at least 1 week prior to class date)

 March 5th - CCW Training


March 7th - Free Seminar - 6 Things That Will Happen When the Police Arrive


March 14th - Free Seminar - Creating a Personal and Home Protection Plan


March 28th Free Seminar - Making Sense of Constitutional Carry 


April 1st - CCW Training


April 2nd - CCW Training


April 11th - Free Seminar - TBA


April 20th - Free Seminar - TBA


April 25th - Free Seminar - TBA


April 29th - Advanced Pistol Training - Limited to 8 Students


April 29th - Semi Private Range Training - Limited to 3 Students


May 13th - CCW Training


May 16th - Free Seminar - TBA 


May 30th - Free Seminar - TBA