Upcoming Classes 

March 9th 2024 - 8:00AM-12:30PM

Use of Lethal Force Class:  This class will review in detail what your legal obligations are before using lethal force.  We discuss the 4 “rules” for use of force and justified self defense.  This class takes a deep dive into how the court will view your actions and all of the things you need to know to survive the fight for your livelihood after you are forced to defend yourself and win the fight for your life.  

Range Time:  During the 2 hour range time session each student will have one on one time with the instructor to work on their individual needs.  The goal is to develop confidence as well as competency with your firearm.  Knowing WHAT to do is only half of the battle, we must know and practice HOW.  

In both classes we take a logical approach based on data and statistics to ensure we are training both mentally and physically as efficiently as possible to maximize our likelihood of surviving an attack, and retaining our freedom after the fact.